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1. Aiyouxi Aiyouxi RC Car

Aiyouxi First Impressions

Great company.

Overall, a good RC car for the kid. Maybe gravel, but grass is out of the question. Really impressed by this little Aiyouxi RC Car. My grandson liked this vehicle soooooo much. It is a great size, perfect for my kids.

  • WPL C24 2.4G DIY RC Car KIT 4WD Remote Control Crawler Off-Road Buggy Moving Machine Kids Toys by Aiyouxi
  • 1. The kit empty version needs to be assembled by yourself for it is composed of components and parts. A plastic steering gear and standard soft tire are included.
  • 2. The product contains metal frame, steering gear and 17 g server 180 metal power motor + copper gear. Other electronic devices are not included.
  • 3. The remote control, receiver, battery, recharger and ESC are not included. You can buy a better configuration as you like for more fun.
  • 4. Proportion: 1:16
  • 5. 1 x Car toy kit set(other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)
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Aiyouxi Final Thoughts

After math.

This is going to make many kids happy! It flips turns, climbs and goes fast! Aiyouxi promptly replaced the car. This awesome Aiyouxi RC Car is so cool. The chassis for the Rally is strong.

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